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You thought you’d seen everything in the world of online scams? The story I’ll tell you in this post about a Bitcoin scammer will surely surprise you, and outrage you as it did me.

Since money exists, there are always scammers willing to swindle you and take your money. In the last 20 years you can count innumerable events of scams linked to the stock market, Forex and now it’s the turn of the cryptoshops.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin is not a scam, but that there are people who use its name to commit crimes.

BitcoinAbuse has already reported more than 70,000 scams this year
Cheeky Bitcoin scammer

For several weeks now, especially since the pandemic broke out, I have been receiving daily „opportunities“ to make easy money with Bitcoin on my Telegram account.

Usually you are contacted by people with fake profiles who speak to you in English and have some photo of a successful business person, which is obviously all fake, or „trucho“ as we say in Argentina.

The story I’ll tell below is real and it took place on June 16.

I receive a message from a person who did not have an appointment, who writes me a greeting in English. Being the CEO of CriptoTendencia, I am used to receive frequent letters from unknown numbers, especially in Telegram, so I answer him… in Spanish.

Unmasking a Bitcoin scammer

The con man is very skillful, he answers me in Spanish and we start talking…

Unmasking a Bitcoin scammer
Since he wrote me that he wanted to make new friends, I realized that this was a possible scam. But I decided to play Bitcoin Loophole along and see where it took me.

To the question: How did you get the data? He answers that he was a member of the same group I’m in.

The con man starts playing his cards

He tells me you’re from Mexico… and he’s consulting me about my work. I answer him bluntly that I didn’t have time. But the con man doesn’t give up and tells me that when he has time he’ll text me.

Since I knew he wouldn’t give up and would go for more… I kept him in the conversation…

He tells me that he is in the cryptology business and that he wanted to know about my work. That’s how brazenly he thought he’d start getting information out of me.

By exposing a Bitcoin con man

I told him that I didn’t pass on personal information… Did that help the Bitcoin con man to give up? Of course it didn’t.

Now he starts telling me like nothing else that a „colleague“ introduced him to an investment company called HI-TRUST, where he had successful investments.

So I decided to find out more… about his big „opportunity.“ I ask him: Can you make good money? So I gave him the foot to get the con man to tell me more about the company.